Make SEO
more than an afterthought

Increase revenue, profitability and client retention with our SEO consulting for agencies.

The challenge

Your agency’s goal is to grow revenue, improve profitability, or increase client retention. Maybe all three. In a traditional agency model, you have two paths to get there:

  1. Increase quantity of work: If your plan to increase revenue involves taking on more client work, you’re likely looking at bringing aboard more junior and execution-focused team members. Do you have the senior-level strategists and processes in place to increase quality along with quantity?
  2. Increase quality of work: Senior strategists can help uplevel your offerings, retain clients longer, upsell clients, and even increase your rates. But if they are spending 20% of their time on strategic work, 80% is likely spent on execution. Why pay 100% of the cost for 20% of the value?

There’s a better way.

Deliver more value with less overhead.

At Rebel Cause Digital, we partner with agencies to develop SEO roadmaps for your clients, creating actionable strategies, establishing benchmarks and KPIs, and coaching teams through the execution from start to finish.

This means every minute spent by your team is spent delivering value rather than checking a box or billing time for the sake of it. Your clients win, your team wins, and your bottom line is healthier for it.

Why SEO?

Let’s be honest. SEO is an offering that often gets “tacked on” to another, larger service or package, be it paid media, PR, or web design and development. After all, the service is considered by many marketers roughly akin to eating your vegetables – something they should be doing but aren’t all that excited about.

But SEO is more than just a box to check to keep your site healthy. It can have significant impact on the bottom line for both you and your clients. It can even fuel better strategies for other channels and bigger picture business decisions. But you’ll need more than best practices and a generic blueprint of tactics to get there.

Our SEO strategy consulting might be a fit for your agency if…

You typically sell SEO as an “add-on” service to supplement your main offerings, such as paid media, PR, or web design and development.

You have a few SEO or content-focused team members who can execute tactics, but no manager or director of SEO to provide channel-specific strategic guidance.

Your agency’s SEO work heavily ebbs and flows.

You offer brass tacks SEO services that can’t keep up with the search landscape shifts stemming from generative AI and LLMs.

You have clients or prospects asking for SEO, but you need to grow a steady stream of revenue from the service before you can justify building out a team.

You have an SEO offering already but aren’t seeing results.

Why Rebel Cause Digital

Expertise & training

Our agency consultants don’t just have years of technical and strategic SEO experience, they have managed and scaled agency SEO teams. This makes us uniquely equipped to help you scale your SEO offering and train your team on crucial aspects of implementation and reporting.

Proven processes

We know agencies and their clients win at the intersection of quality and efficiency. That’s why we’ve spent years building a library of proprietary, customizable reports and processes to fuel best-in-class SEO strategies and streamline implementation.

Access to tools

Top talent may be expensive, but have you seen the prices of SEO tools these days? Talk about a drag on your bottom line. We invest in an extensive suite of SEO software so you have access to data from a variety of sources throughout our engagement.

How we do it

Sophisticated tools and the proliferation of AI have made it easier than ever to “do SEO.” After all, ChatGPT can write content, a quick Google search can provide the optimal length for a title tag, and nearly anyone with a marketing background can likely rattle off standard best practices for blog optimization.

But here’s the tough reality: The easier it gets to do SEO, the harder it is to win. That’s why we’ve spent years building a library of proprietary, customizable reports and processes to fuel best-in-class SEO strategies and streamline implementation.

Content gap analysis

Get digestible, actionable competitive insights that inform next-level SEO strategies and your larger marketing program.

In-depth keyword research

Keyword research has evolved. Maximize qualified traffic with insights that identify the right strategy for your unique goals.

Prioritized technical audits

A sirens-blaring issue on one site may be no big deal on another. Spend time on what matters with prioritized audits.

Information architecture

Rank better and increase user engagement by building a content ecosystem based on data.

Content briefs

For marketing teams with deep subject matter expertise, content briefs are an easy button for creating high-value content that drives traffic and engagement.